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Notes on Flow 0.100

June 12, 2019

Flow 0.100 is out 💯. Reading and learning about Flow and JavaScript as always. This time, I have a short note on object destructuring, React type definitions, and put a link to a nice article explaining variance sigils.

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Flow 0.99: Callable Properties, Function Statics, and More

May 31, 2019

Flow released 0.99 (comparing changes) a few days ago. This release contains changes around callable properties, function statics, a few more utilities coming from the React Component realm, bugfixes, and performance improvements for Flow server.

Once again I’m using those bits and bites to understand more about Flow and JavaScript, and this time it’ll be mostly around callable properties and function statics, which I’ll share about in this post.

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Night Mode with Mix Blend Mode: Difference

May 04, 2019


I came across the idea of implementing night mode using mix-blend-mode: difference when I was preparing for my talk This World Mixed and Blended (these slides require color font support, i.e., FireFox / Safari). The original idea was only meant for a showcase and the browser support is currently limited.

Still, I implemented it to my dev blog and had a lot of fun. So this will be what this post is about. Meanwhile, as I thought more about it, it occurs to me now that this can be a legit preferred way night mode is to be done. And let me share a bit about the intuition behind that as well.

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Making Flow Happy after 0.98

April 30, 2019

It’s a Monday after Flow updated 😱 0.98 seems to contain many fixes. Happy to see Flow making more sense version by version. I’m also glad to be learning bits and bites about Flow on the go so I thought I’d share about that :)

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Building A Multi Author Blog with Gatsby

April 29, 2019

Note This is a very flat post where I list out all the steps I did to create a multi author blog. You may not want to read this because it can be very boring. It’s just not one of those post I give a lot of thought in the creative side of things.

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Making Flow Happy after 0.85

April 17, 2019

Revised on June 11, 2019

For the past few weeks I’ve filled my free hours to upgrade our codebase’s dependency of Flow to its latest versions. We were stuck at 0.83 because apparently anybody who tried 0.85 immediately decided to give up. When I picked it up, Flow was at 0.89. The time I’m writing this, it is at 0.97 already 🤷🏻‍♀️

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Content Width Determination with the Box Model

March 10, 2019

I was working on a this design that contains a few badges aligned like this on a corner. The content of those badges is not fixed, so I do not know the exact width of each of them. However, the design requires that they have flexible widths.

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